jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

What a Wise And Old Man

     There was once a big Roman, orator who was also a politician, who said:

 -"The wise are instructed by reason; ordinary minds by experience; the stupid by necessity; and brutes by instinct".

His name was Cicero. He was a great thinker in times before time (only he was way ahead of those cute little dinosaurs who were already great stars of the big screens of Hollywood).

I'm impressed by almost every thinker that ever existed in history. Even Hitler, whom I may not agree with every ideology he had but it's true that this was a great man in history by the scar he created with his movement, he actually left a legacy with the Volkswagen car, and the witty idea of separating his men in companies where they had the same blood in case they needed a blood transfusion. Even though he was using a bad justification to his actions, and even when he had a disturbed childhood, he was able to create kingdom based on fear.

     He was a great man, just not by his ideologies but still left a legacy to remember him. Cicero, Hitler whoever left the legacy it is amazing how you can cause such a commotion with quotes. You have got to be really smart, or really charismatic, to say something and then thousands of years later your words would be marked and quoted by other scholar guys or by thousands of ignorant people with access to the Internet.

     Why would he wander through this topic? He said that the wise were instructed by reason, meaning possibly that, we, the humanity, are the only ones that have the gift of reasoning, we have free will, we can act however we please. Sometimes this is not an unbreakable rule, sometimes humans instead of using their great gift of reasoning, they use previous experiences to be guided and sometimes this are called ordinary minds, and usually they end up making the sames mistakes that others did, living example: Hitler did the same thing Napoleon did (invade Russia and staying to long, then ending up with less than the half of his squad because of the cold winter) and then again neither him could not defeat or conquer the land.

     When Cicero says that stupid minds act on behalf of their necessity, could he be saying that those who act entirely by necessity are stupid? Meaning that those poor people who by necessity are forced to work in a sweatshop for less than minimum wage, are stupid because they act that way? Perhaps he tried to implied that we are owners of our destiny and that's why, we can choose our luck.

     Brutes, whom does Cicero refers to? Brutes as in a manner of speak or literally of the barbarian who lacked of culture and invaded places and they acquired their culture, is this what he means? Maybe he was referring to the cavemen who acted without reasoning for a while.

     It is amazing how a quote can be interpreted by so many ways. Of course not they couldn't be compared with my examples because they were a little bit ahead of Cicero, but they can be adjusted to every epoch. This is what's amazing about him, he said it thousands of years before us but still it makes sense now. Is not obsolete, but what most amaze me is the way that it may still be valid, but laws that were imposed in the Middle Ages were abolished long time ago, but thinkers like Cicero who were born in the crib of civilization and democracy, they still make sense now!

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