miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010


-"It's the product of boredom, boredom that's leisure or idleness, and that's been around for while. It kicks out the creativity or critiques as well. You stay in the middle of nowhere and time and people come and go. Time brands you and depending on each person the speed of this brand. Drunks and kids always tell the truth, where are those that stood in the middle? Circumstances that excuses the lateness of the arrival. Masks that mask the ironic truth. They come and go unnoticed, that's what you thought, but at least two people saw you, read you, heard you. In the middle of the trail you get tired and you say that you are tired but you must go on. It's only human , at some point you must rest the question rests in when to know and don't abuse. You must go on with the march even if you are branded, or stained that's what soap is made for. Although at the beginning it may seem hard, people change and those who don't, let them be too. I think this is the end and I enjoyed it. We fall and we get picked up or we pick ourselves up on our own"

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  1. Excuse... Something is failing here.
    If sex is contuinued for ever and ever...

    There is no such thing as boredom.

    I know, i panic when people come and go around.

    I wish bi-directional communication. Enough.

    I cannot get more. Only you and me and our

    nudity. Mind naked Body naked. And no time,

    no space. Together. A repetitive film forever.

    I am branded, and my cure is not soap.

    only that film, that grows and grows across


    Thanks for letting me travel with you.

    Peerhaps, some day, i'll tell you about some